Great American Natural Products


Dedicated to quality.

We at Great American Natural Products Inc. care about quality and that means we are careful about the ingredients we use to formulate our products. We also understand that our products will be used by you and your family, therefore we strive to produce a quality product from beginning to end. We love our products and we know you'll love them too!

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Over 30 years strong.

Great American Natural Products Inc., is a family owned and operated business that is based on integrity, honesty, knowledge and compassion. Pioneers in the field of herbology and nutrition, Ron and Louise Hamilton started Great American more than 30 years ago. Ron has a background in botanical research and has worked as an arborist and a herbalist. Louise has a background in nutrition and is also a herbalist and aromatherapist. Louise became interested in holistic remedies after being sick herself, soon after she began sharing this knowledge with others, often giving consultations in her living room. These consultations became so popular that Ron and Louise opened Louise's Nutrition Workshop, later adding herbs, spices, vitamins and nutritional diets. Their success was overwhelming and moved to a bigger place and with a new name, Great American.


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Great American flourishes today as a leading edge business in the areas of health and well being with products ranging from herbal supplements, aromatherapy, herbs and teas, pet care and body care just to name a few.